The presentation of invited lectures (keynotes) and peer-reviewed papers including discussions and panels will be the primary format of the workshop. Additionally, this workshop encourages researchers not only to present research papers but also position papers and the discussion on controversial problems and questions.

In accordance with general UNILOG policy, at C3GI at UNILOG 2015 keynote lectures have been assigned 45 minutes talking time including Q&A and presentations of contributions 30 minutes talking time including Q&A.

  1. June 25, Afternoon Session 1, Room C
    • 14:15 Welcome and introduction of participants
    • 14:45 Hedblom et al.: Image Schemas as Families of Theories
    • 15:15 Olteteanu: "Seeing as" and Re-representation
    • 15:45 Discussion: Images schemas and re-representation in Computational Creativity
  2. 16:15-16:45 Coffee break
  3. June 25, Afternoon Session 2, Room C
    • 16:45 Krumnack & Schneider: Analogical Inference and Transfer for Creativity
    • 17:15 Discussion: Informativity in cognitive systems for Computational Creativity
    • 17:45 Keynote lecture Tony Veale: Seduced and Abandoned in the Chinese Room
  4. June 26, Morning Session 1, Room C
    • 09:30 Keynote lecture Irina Starikova: Creativity and visualisation in mathematics
    • 10:15 Stefaneas & Vandoulakis: On Mathematical Style and its Communicative Functions
    • 10:45 Discussion: Style and creativity in mathematics
  5. 11:15-11:45 Coffee break
  6. June 26, Morning Session 2, Room C
    • 11:45 Gomez-Ramirez: Conceptual Blending as a creative meta-generator of mathematical concepts
    • 12:15 Kuehnberger & Kutz: Logical aspects of computational creativity in the music domain
    • 12:45 Discussion: Logic for creativity in mathematics, problem-solving, and the arts