[C3GI 2017] Schedule

Thursday, December 14th


Sal Gorda, 9pm.

Friday, December 15th: C3GI

All sessions will be held in Sala de Grados, CS Faculty, 1st floor.

Workshop schedule

Time Session
8:30 Registration open (CS Faculty Hall)
9:00 Invited speaker: Gianluca Susi
10:00 Session 1: Narrative

  • Comparative Evaluation of Elementary Plot Generation Procedures (Pablo Gervás)
  • A fundamental element for narrative parsing (Richard Doust)
  • A common model for representing stories in automatic storytelling / An API-based approach to co-creation in automatic storytelling (Eugenio Concepcion, Pablo Gervás and Gonzalo Mendez)
11:00 Coffee break: Meeting Room, 1st floor
11:30 Invited speaker: María Navarro
12:30 Session 2: Cognition

  • Adding Suspense to a Story Generation System through a Cognitive Model of the Impact of Affective Terms (Pablo Delatorre, Carlos León, Manuel Palomo-Duarte and Pablo Gervás)
  • A Model of Character Evolution based on Stanislavsky-driven BDI Agents (Matthias Wilder and Pablo Gervás)
  • On the Role of Argumentation in Discovery Proof-Events (Sofia Almpani, Petros Stefaneas and Ioannis Vandoulakis)
  • Biometrics and Artificial Creativity (Pietro Galliani)
13:30 Lunch: Cafeteria, CS Faculty, ground floor
15:00 Invited speaker: Guiomar Niso
16:00 Session 3: Music

  • Automatic composition of descriptive music: A case study of the relationship between image and sound (Lucía Martín-Gómez, Javier Pérez-Marcos and María Navarro-Cáceres)
  • LitSens: An Improved Architecture for Adaptive Music Using Text Input and Sentiment Analysis (Manuel López Ibáñez, Nahum Álvarez and Federico Peinado)
  • Designing a Co-Creative Dancing Robotic Tablet (Federico Fabiano, Hannah R. M. Pelikan, Jelle Pingen, Judith Zissoldt, Alejandro Catala and Mariët Theune)
17:00 Coffee break: Meeting Room, 1st floor
17:30 Discussion
18:15 Closing remarks
18:30 End


City Bell, 9pm.