The presentation of invited lectures (keynotes) and peer-reviewed papers including discussions and panels will be the primary format of the workshop. Additionally, this workshop encourages researchers not only to present research papers but also position papers and the discussion on controversial problems and questions.

At C3GI at ECAI 2014, keynote lectures have been assigned 60 minutes talking time including Q&A, long presentations of contributions 30 minutes talking time including Q&A, short presentations 20 minutes talking time including Q&A.

  1. 1st Morning Session
    • 09:00 Welcome and introduction of participants
    • 09:30 Keynote lecture Bipin Indurkhya
  2. 10:30-11:00 Coffee break
  3. 2nd Morning Session
    • 11:00 Misztal and Indurkhya: A Blackboard Architecture for automatic poetry generation
    • 11:30 Goncalo Oliveira and Cardoso: Using a generic poetry generation system to produce song lyrics with sentiment
    • 12:00 Olteteanu: Two general classes in creative problem-solving? An account based on the cognitive processes involved in the problem structure-representation structure relationship
    • 12:20 Ben-Eliyahu-Zohary et al.: Automatic Generation of Photo Albums
  4. 12:40-14:00 Lunch break
  5. 1st Afternoon Session
    • 14:00 Keynote lecture Oliver Kutz
    • 14:45 Neuhaus et al.: Fabricating Monsters is Hard - Towards the Automation of Conceptual Blending
    • 15:05 Joint discussion Kutz/Neuhaus
  6. 15:30-16:00 Coffee break
  7. 2nd Afternoon Session
    • 16:00 Fleuriot et al.: Reinventing the Complex Numbers
    • 16:30 O'Donoghue et al.: Creating Formal Specifications with Analogical Reasoning
    • 17:00 Mamakos et al.: Polytropos Project: Experiments in Blending
    • 17:20 Concluding discussion